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On a recent morning I played a friend who wanted to prepare for the tournament. As we played, a man napped in a hammock strung from the fence at the back of our court to a nearby tree. A little boy began cheering me on, shouting “Go, white!” (I was wearing a white shirt) before realizing my partner was the better player and switched to, “Go, blue!” As our hour wound down, a player from the neighboring court walked past and said to her friend, “Even if you stink, it’s still fun,” which perfectly summed up my state of mind. We also stopped at the Chevy dealer in San Luis Obispo, with 24 miles left, because my cellphone wasn’t charging properly on the car’s USB ports. best website to buy bitcoins australia 0.01229519 btc to usd 0.01229519 btc to usd 0.01229519 btc to usd
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