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Bryant took the lead after Quinton Motto took the first of those five charges the Hornets drew off Jacksonville drives. Cozart took advantage with a 3. Moments later, Motto took a feed from Cozart who had driven into the lane. Motto was fouled on his shot and converted twice to make it 9-6. Zach Cambron added a layup off a drive-and-dish by Griffin and it was a 5-point game. 15.25077673 btc to usd neo cryptocurrency twitter 15.25077673 btc to usd 15.25077673 btc to usd 1. Teamster Local #293, Cleveland, OH 2-0 5-1 7-1 (CHAMPIONS) 2. Warren Motors, Jacksonville, FL 1-2 5-1 6-3 3. Aldergrove Construction Royals, BC, Canada 1-2 0-6 1-8 4. Merrifield, Windsor, Ontario 0-1 2-4 2-5.
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