a body dash

a body dash a body dash blockchain library mark h With a caravan of lads and lasses amassing to cheer these gallant men, including the fair maiden Lady Jace of the Brunning (AKA – Year 11 Advisor) the strapping lads made their customary pilgrimage to the sidelines to seek the guidance and instruction of their noble sire, Sir Garry (AKA Nick) of the Sideline Quips. Warming up with much enthusiasm and zeal, the now very familiar side stretches in the mermaid position, stingrays and wombats bringing with it the promise of a quest fulfilled. Cities contain green spaces, of course. And New York contains two of the best: Central Park in Manhattan and Prospect Park in Brooklyn. But parks are destinations, manufactured for experience. They are places to go on a weekend, or a lucky work-free afternoon. Vacant lots are part of our daily surroundings. They are found in places where a property owner waits for the right deal, at the edges of roads and train tracks and parking lots, the liminal zones nobody can be bothered to beautify. a body dash
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