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actionpie dash cam x1ld actionpie dash cam x1ld actionpie dash cam x1ld bulkin 0 interst rate crypto currency After having a party leaving a friend passed out on his couch and a girl naked in his bathroom, Biker receives another message on his answering machine on May 23rd: "Jane" wants to go on a date with Biker and asks him to wear something fancy and pick her up at Northeast 158th Street. However, Biker rejects the job and immediately rides to PhoneHom's headquarters. Upon arrival, Biker starts a violent massacre, killing every single employee in the building. Elsewhere, 50 Blessings anticipates the attack and hastily calls Jacket during one of his jobs and orders him to deal with Biker at the building. The PhoneHom manager begs Biker not to kill him and threatens to call security. Biker ignores his pleas, kills the manager and starts hacking into his office computer. Biker successfully traces the source of the calls to North 87th place. However, once he traces the calls, Jacket enters the office and confronts Biker. He threatens to kill Jacket if he doesn't leave. Jacket ignores him, provoking Biker to engage in a fight with him as he arms himself with a golf club. Narrative-wise, the events of the fight are ambiguous due to both character's perspectives seeing different outcomes and both characters appearing alive in the sequel. However, from Biker's perspective in the first game, he wins the fight by slashing Jacket across his abdomen with his cleaver and kicking him over. Biker tells Jacket he had his chance to run before killing him by stomping on his head and flees the scene. Hotline Miami is a two-day heist in PAYDAY 2 released on September 30, 2014, in a DLC of the same name. It is the second contract offered by The Dentist and is a tribute to Hotline Miami , a v >[1] [2]
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