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On May 13th, Biker receives a message on his answering machine ordering him to attack Hotel Blue, due to a meeting between Russian mobsters and three RAC representatives taking place there. However, Biker, now fed up with the killings, rejects the job and rides over to a local bar and violently interrogates its bartender: a scarred man wearing a pig mask, an accomplice to 50 Blessings and the one who introduced Biker to the organization. Biker angrily demands the bartender to tell him how to end his affiliation with 50 Blessings and their phone calls, throwing the man to the floor and causing his mask to fall off. The bartender gives in and informs Biker that a technician at a Chinese restaurant known as "The Blue Dragon" as more answers to offer to Biker than he does. With the information, Biker storms out of the bar and rides off. cosmos ethereum photons crypto asset fund cayman ltd cosmos ethereum photons Flashes to the 1989 setting from the first game detail the lives of Jake and Richter, both of which play up different aspects of the original game's Jacket. Jake is the patriotic pizza eater who hates his job loves his car and can't hold a steady relationship, and Richter is the torn man backed into a corner with everything to lose. These characters allow for much more distilled tones than Jacket and have vastly different soundtracks and feels. Jake is summed up by the fact that one of his songs is named Quixotic: he's a naive idealist whose comical detachment from reality is ultimately his own downfall. cosmos ethereum photons
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