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current trade volumes of cryptocurrencies in india vs global how can i use bitcoin on amazon temporary art installation a room inside a window. how can i use bitcoin on amazon how can i use bitcoin on amazon The Horst Wessel Song Topic: What was life for women and children in Nazi Germany? The anthem of the Hitler Youth is an interesting case study in Nazi myth-making and propaganda. Written in the depths of the Depression, its lyrics are ripe for analysis by students with contextual knowledge of the period:"The flag high! The ranks tightly closed! / SA march with calm, firm steps. / Comrades shot by the Red Front and reactionaries / March in spirit in our ranks. / Clear the streets for the brown battalions, / Clear the streets for the stormtroopers! / Already millions look with hope to the swastika / The day of freedom and bread is dawning!". As well as analysing it on its own terms, I use it when students are writing their 'Nazi school reports' (they have the duration of the song to write each subject report). In this context it's also worth listening to "Tomorrow belongs to me" (from the musical 'Cabaret') which is a chilling expression of the growing power of the Nazi movement and the Hitler Youth.
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